Moving Made Easy

Does the thought of moving, or more specifically packing up your entire house make you shudder? The thought of packing up an entire house, especially if you have been there for a number of years, can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. After moving a couple times within a couple years, I’ve learned a few tricks that I’ll share here, for packing effectively and efficiently. Continue reading

Fixer Upper

Often when my friends come over they comment on how beautiful our house is. I love to hear the praise because trust me when I say, our house didn’t always look like this!!! When we bought the house and we came to do the inspection, I was horrified; “what have I gotten us into?” was what I was thinking. The house was a mess. It was dirty (like really dirty), outdated, and we were leaving behind a newly renovated home. I was terrified. Nonetheless, despite my fears we moved forward because deep down I knew the bones were there and the house had potential. Continue reading

The Magic of Paint

This past weekend I decided I had enough of the paint colour in our master bedroom. When we moved to this house (almost 2 years ago now) the entire house was beige and it was one of the first things we changed, among many other things (more about that to come in future blog posts). When it came to deciding on the colour for our master we went with navy blue and all white accents such as picture frames, bedspread, pillows, lampshades, and our nightstands. Continue reading