Moving Made Easy

Does the thought of moving, or more specifically packing up your entire house make you shudder? The thought of packing up an entire house, especially if you have been there for a number of years, can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. After moving a couple times within a couple years, I’ve learned a few tricks that I’ll share here, for packing effectively and efficiently.

Before you get started with packing, go through each room in your home and sort your stuff into 3 piles: one to keep (and eventually pack), one to sell, and one to give away or to donate. Selling stuff is made easier now with the use of websites such as Facebook bidding war sites. Or you could have a moving/garage sale and aim to sell all your items all at once. The best thing about taking time to sort through each room is that A. it makes packing easier, B. it makes unpacking easier, and C. your home will show better and sell quicker if it’s less cluttered.

Once you’ve sorted through everything and decided what to keep, consider investing in a few large rubber maid containers. I find these are great for packing heavier items as well as more fragile items that wouldn’t be as protected in a carboard box. You can also pack a lot more into these containers so it creates less trips to and from the moving truck. For all other items, ask your neighbours or any friends with babies for boxes. Why friends with babies? Because friends with babies likely have a ton of diaper boxes that they would be more than happy to have taken off their hands (I know we always do). Not only are these diaper boxes great quality (sturdy and thick carboard) they’re also often a good size so can fit quite a bit into them.

If you’re anything like me, you do not like to procrastinate. Once you know you’re going to be moving, set aside a couple nights each week to start packing (even if your house hasn’t sold yet or you don’t know where you’re moving to). The earlier you start the easier it will be. Start by packing items you know you don’t use too often (e.g., pack half your towels or linens, your fine china, etc.). Save items that you use more often to pack for later and closer to your move date.

Don’t pack clothes. Yes, that’s right, don’t even bother packing clothes that get hung up in a closet. Instead, bunch all these clothes together while still on the hangers, then slip them into a garbage bag, one with drawstrings, and tie the strings around the top of the hanger. The plastic bag will keep your clothes protected and clean during the move and by keeping your clothes on the hangers you will save yourself time both packing and unpacking.


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After packing each box, take the time to clearly label your boxes including what room the box belongs to (e.g., kitchen, master bedroom, main bathroom) and a brief description of what’s in the box. By writing a brief description you’ll be more organized when you unpack but this is also very helpful if you pack something up and then need to find it before you move! Another related suggestion is to number each box, then on the day of your move, post corresponding numbers on the rooms in the new house. For instance, your master bedroom might be room #3. Anything that belongs in your master bedroom will get packed in a box and labeled with a #3. The day of your move you can post a sticky note on the door of the master bedroom with a #3 on it. This will help any friends, family, or professional movers know where everything needs to go and you will be bombarded with less questions the day of the move.

What tips do you have for moving? Share your tips below in the comments section!

Written by:

Fiona White – REALTOR® with Sutton Group – West Coast Realty

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