Tiny Living

Would you do it? Would you live in 500sqft or less?

My answer is no; I mean come on, I have 2 kids and a husband and we enjoy our space. I would, however, downsize, by a 1000sqft. In fact, I would like to downsize by that much in our next home. I love to watch all those shows on HGTV about “tiny living” because they inspire small living solutions, and that’s what this blog post is all about: Creative solutions for living in smaller spaces (not necessarily 500sqft and less, but smaller spaces in general). Continue reading

Designing for the Masses

One thing I always have in mind is resale value; I guess you could say I was taught this through watching my parents buy and sell multiple properties over the years. So when designing and renovating, I always keep in mind whether my design choices would appeal to the masses. At the same time, I also like to design for myself and create a home for my family. Continue reading

Moving: A Family Endeavour

My husband and I used to live quite a simple life in a small(ish) 1-bedroom, 850sqft, apartment. We had exactly what we needed and nothing more (other than probably too many clothes and shoes). Fast forward 5+ years and we are now living in a much bigger space and have filled almost every room. What’s changed? Their names are Norah and Elliot; our sweet babies. Let’s face it kids, as darling as they are, come with a LOT of stuff. If you are a parent you know this too well already. The thought of packing an entire house and preparing for a move can be daunting and this is amplified when you have children. But the good news is, you can get them involved and help make the move a family endeavor. Continue reading

“You’re the Inspiration”

How did that Chicago song go again? But seriously, today’s blog is all about my inspiration for home improvement, interior design, art, décor, and DIY. There are some seriously talented people, business owners, artists, and social media accounts out there that inspire me daily. So today I want to spotlight those people that spark my creative side.  I should also put a disclaimer out there that none of the businesses, artists, people, social media accounts, etc. have asked to be mentioned for this blog; I simply just want to share all that inspires me with you. Continue reading