Room Refresh: Part 1

My oldest is now 3 and I’ve decided to re-do her bedroom; not a total makeover but more of a refresh. While I always have a decorating bug, the real reason behind this next project is to hopefully get her to sleep in her own room again. Everybody cross your fingers for us!!!

Since I’ve been fairly busy working and being a mom, the focus of this blog post is going to be on my plan for her room. Down the line (when I find some spare time to execute my plan), I will post again with the finished project.

The Plan:

For some time now, I have been dreaming of building a house shaped bed for her. If she loves the bed, she’ll sleep in it right? There are some amazing ones on Pinterest and because it’s the Internet, I was able to find some free plans. Since she already has a bed, I would like to build from the existing frame. I’m envisioning something like this:

House Bed2

(Source: Instagram @elinochalva)

Once the frame is done, I would like to paint it with, none other than, Fusion Mineral Paint. If you don’t already know, this is my favourite product. You can read all about it in my previous blog post here: As for colour, I just paused from writing this for about an hour to browse all the colours on the Fusion Mineral Paint website ( and I’m no further ahead on deciding. I do love the metallic colours but I keep going back and forth between trying to match or compliment the already pale pink feature wall in my daughter’s room or contrasting it with say a brushed steel metallic colour or gold. What are your thoughts? Here’s a picture of her feature wall which I won’t be changing:

20161008_141335 (1)

Whatever colour I do decide to paint the bed frame, I was also thinking of doing a dipped paint look on this IKEA table set (which we already have). I will then use the table to create an art or reading corner. I will also paint the mirror hanging above her dresser in the same colour (whatever that may be).


(Image Source:

I will also replace some of the pictures in her room. In one corner we currently have 6 frames which have pictures from when she was a newborn (weep!). I (obviously) won’t be getting rid of the pictures, but I’ll probably move them to my office and replace the frames with some cute prints. A trip to Target might be necessary to find the right ones.

I would also love to put up something by the window. I’m thinking curtains, but might go a little non-traditional as well. A slight whimsy touch could be cute, maybe a banner if I can source out the right one to work in the room.

So all-in-all, some lofty goals! LOL. Here’s hoping I can see this project through before she’s 5.

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