Room Refresh: Part 2

Guess what I’m never doing again? Building a bed. I always seem to think these things look easier than they are. I told my sister I thought in my head that it would take me an hour. WRONG. While it was exciting to use power tools for the first time since grade 9 wood working class, I also had to do a lot of math and measuring. Nonetheless, a can of worms has been opened, and now that I know I can use power tools, I have many other projects planned in my head (let the fun begin). Before I go on too much further, here are some before pictures of her room (and before you go on too much further, make sure you read last week’s post – Room Refresh: Part 1):

So really the bed didn’t take all that long to make and I did it over a couple of days. The biggest challenge was cutting the 45-degree angles for the roof peaks. I also had to get some help from my husband to hold up the top part while I screwed it all together. Once I was done the build part, I painted it with Fusion Mineral paint using their metallic copper colour. The colour is beautiful. A little unexpected for a little girl’s bedroom but because there is so much soft pink in her room I think it really works. To give the bed a princess touch, I added the sheer pom-pom curtains, which I got at Walmart for $20 (I think the curtains are her favourite part).


If you follow me on Instagram (@fionawhiteatsutton) and watch my insta stories (thank you if you do) then you would have seen that I also used the copper metallic fusion mineral paint to paint the bottom legs of the IKEA table and chair set that we have. This project was easy and did probably take only an hour to do. I just measured 4” from the bottom, taped it off, and painted.


I replaced the pictures I had in frames in the corner of her room with some cute new prints. I created the prints myself and went with a tree theme all in pink and copper colours. I absolutely love how these turned out.


Finally, I also painted the mirror above her dresser to tie it in with the rest of the room. My mum and I also plan to sew some cute throw pillows together for her bed and I’m still on the hunt for a cute area rug for under the IKEA table and chairs.


Written by:

Fiona White – REALTOR® with Sutton Group – West Coast Realty

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