Location, Location, Location – Part 4

Location: Pacific Douglas. If you’re not already familiar with this sub-community it is on the outskirts of South Surrey in between the Peace Arch border and the Pacific Highway border (also commonly referred to as the Truck Crossing).

What I love about the area…There are a few things that I really like about this area including the parks, the family friendly atmosphere, and proximity to the US border. But what I love most about the area, oddly enough, is the drive down 172nd into the community.

When you drive down this road (172nd), which isn’t a long drive by any means, I find that you feel like you’re removed from the city and you can have that breath of relaxation – and what a great way that must be to come home every day.

Shopping & Restaurants: For most of your shopping and dining needs you’re going to need to head into other parts of South Surrey (about a 5 minute drive to Grandview). However, there are a few shops and restaurants at Gateway Crossing which is located just off Pacific Hwy and 4th street. When I say there are a “few” shops and restaurants there, I really do mean a few. You can find Pacific Bistro which is a bistro/convenience store and my husband tells me they have amazing butter chicken there. There is also a Pharmasave and a Carls Jr*. What’s really great, given the family friendly atmosphere of the area, is that there is a Creative Kids’ Learning Centre.

*Edit: Carl’s JR is now closed.

Living: While we are starting to see more townhome developments in this neighbourhood, the majority of housing is high-density single-family homes that are fairly new (built within the last 10 years). I would describe the area as picturesque; it sometimes feels like a neighbourhood out of a movie scene. Currently, the lowest priced active listing for a single-family home is $949,000 and that will get you a 5 bed/4 bath 2-storey home with a basement on a 2700+sqft lot with a detached garage. The average sale price in the area for the month of September 2018 (based on a detached home) was $981,000.
Looking at townhomes, the current lowest priced active listing is $580,000 and that is for a 2 bed, 3bath, 1300sqft townhome built in 2016. The average sale price for a townhome in the area in September 2018 was just over $671K.

Schools: There are no schools in the immediate area just yet but construction is anticipated to start on a 2-storey elementary school in 2019. It is expected that this school will seat over 600 students. The closest public secondary school will be Earl Marriot, which also has a French Immersion program.

Parks & Rec (pools, golf courses, beaches, trails, community centres): The nearby parks and golfing are major contributing factors to the beauty of this area. One of the most beautiful parks (and tourist attractions) is Peace Arch Park which sits along side the Peace Arch border.
In the centre of the community you can find Dufferin park which has a fantastic playground for kids.

If you’re a golfer, you’ll enjoy the nearby Peace Portal golf course.

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Location, Location, Location – Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 in this blog series Location, Location, Location where I focus on White Rock. If you missed Part 1: Crescent Beach/Ocean Park, click HERE. If you missed Part 2: Grandview, click HERE.

Location: White Rock.  When you think of White Rock you may think of all of South Surrey but White Rock is actually a rather small area in comparison. The area goes from 160th West to 136th and from Marine Drive up to North Bluff/16th Avenue.


What I love about the area…My favourite part of the area is the beach all along Marine Drive. I love to take my family down there for ice cream and walks along the pier and it also makes a good location for a date night at one of the many restaurants.

Shopping & Restaurants: Shopping in White Rock consists mostly of mom & pop shops that have been there for years. Many stores or businesses can be found down Johnston Road (aka 152nd when it goes into Surrey). Another shopping area is along Marine Drive. If you have major shopping to do, you’re likely going to head just North of White Rock to Semiahmoo Mall or to Grandview Heights. The choice is yours when it comes to restaurants in White Rock. There are more than just Fish & Chips at the beach; Cosmos has great Greek food, Uli’s is great for German cuisine (if you go, try the schnitzel), and Charlie Don’t Surf is a popular seafood/burger place. If you do want fish and chips head over to East beach to Moby Dick’s but be prepared to stand in line (even in the winter). If you don’t have time to stand in line another great place for fish and chips is Montgomery’s.


Photo Source: Wikipedia; photo by Joe Mabel

Living: As does everywhere, there’s a great range of home prices in White Rock, starting at just above $900,000 all the way to over $16 Million for a single family home (yes you read that right). White Rock is also home to many condos. The average sale price, in August 2018, for a detached home was $1,184,068. Condo list prices start at $249K in the area (this is for shares in a co-op) or $298K for a freehold strata (not sure of the difference between shares in a co-op and freehold strata – be sure to ask ME). For a luxury condo, prices currently go up to $3,599,000. The average sale price for a condo in August 2018 in White Rock was $509,833 (this does not include townhomes).

Schools: There are no high schools in White Rock itself but teenagers living in White Rock proper will attend one of the three public secondary schools (Semiahmoo, Elgin, or Earl Marriott) or a nearby private school (White Rock Christian Academy, Holy Cross, Southridge to name a few). There are a couple of public elementary schools in the area including White Rock and Peace Arch Elementary and many others just outside the White Rock border.

Parks & Rec (pools, golf courses, beaches, trails, community centres): The biggest attraction in White Rock proper is the beach itself. There is always plenty to do year-round and the views never disappoint. If you are planning to check out White Rock, visit http://explorewhiterock.com/ to help you plan your day and don’t forget to check out the actual White Rock.


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Location, Location, Location – Part 2

Alright, here we are for the second post in this series. In this post, I’ll focus on the Grandview Heights neighbourhood. If you missed my first post in this series, where I wrote all about what it’s like to live in Crescent Beach / Ocean Park, then click HERE.

Location: Grandview

What I love about the area…Grandview is the newest sub-community in the White Rock/South Surrey area. While it’s been under development for several years, its expansion is ongoing. What I love most about the area is you never have to leave it – there is so much to do in Grandview and many homes are walking distance to all the action. It’s a great place to raise a family.

Shopping & Restaurants: If you’re in the White Rock / South Surrey area this is where you’re coming to do most of your shopping. There are three outdoor malls (Grandview Corners, Morgan Crossing, and Grandview Central) and there is a great mixture of shops (H&M, Aldo shoes, The Gap, Lulu Lemon, Carters, Indigo to name only a few) and a vast selection of restaurants (Browns, S&L, Montanna’s, White Spot, sushi, and so many more). One of the newest restaurants in the area that is already quite popular is Sal y Limon – a sweet little Mexican restaurant that I can’t wait to try. In addition, there’s a few Big Box stores for all your shopping needs including SuperStore, Walmart, and Home Depot.



Living: There is something for everyone in Grandview. There are a lot of families and first-time buyers flocking to the Grandview Heights area due to its affordability. There are many townhomes and condos and the bonus is, they’re all relatively new and for the most part move in ready. A 1 bed/1 bath condo (a great starter home) that is situated right above the shops at Morgan Crossing and almost 700sqft is currently listed for $375,000. The current active list price for a townhome in the area starts at just over $550,000. Detached homes are slightly more, starting at just over $1 Million.


Schools: Since the entire Grandview area is fairly new (or I should say re-developed as Grandview has been a sub-community for a long time), so are the schools. There are two newish elementary schools: Sunnyside and Pacific Heights. A new high school, Grandview Heights secondary, is underway and I believe expected to be completed in 2020. The area is also home to a 17-acre, K-12 private school called Southridge.

Parks & Rec (pools, golf courses, beaches, trails, community centres): The Grandview Aquatic Centre is one of the largest pools in Surrey and the design with its curved roof, in my opinion, is beautiful. We are frequent visitors to the Grandview pool whether it’s for swimming lessons or to use the gym; it’s a fantastic place for the whole family.


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Location, Location, Location

Welcome to my latest blog series: Location, Location, Location. I’ll be writing a series of posts (as I have time to write them) on various local neighborhoods, what it’s like to live there – what there is to do, cost of living, etc. I’ll be starting this series with a focus on White Rock/South Surrey. The first sub-communities I’ll explore are the quaint areas of Ocean Park & Crescent Beach.

Location: Crescent Beach / Ocean Park

What I love about the area… In this neck of the woods, you really do get that small town living feel. There’s a wonderful sense of peace and tranquility and I love that many of the homes are a short walk to some unique shops and restaurants.

Shopping & Restaurants: While the Crescent Beach area has a few shops along the main drag, the real attraction is the beach itself. There is a nice selection of restaurants where you can get fish and chips, hamburgers, or ice cream. One of my favourite restaurants in the Crescent Beach area is The Cabin – if you’re going on a Friday or Saturday night make sure to make a reservation as all the locals know this is a great place to fill your belly and it’s usually quite busy. There is more shopping in Ocean Park, including a Safeway, drug store, Starbucks, clothing stores, banks, etc. Two of the best places to grab a bite to eat in Ocean Park is Delrios and Ocean Park Pub. If you’re going to Ocean Park Pub, try the Greek food – you won’t regret it.


Living: Crescent Beach and Ocean Park are home to some of the most fabulous ocean front and ocean view homes. You can also find many cute cottages in both areas nestled amongst many new builds. But don’t let the word “cottage” fool you – homes are currently listed at a starting point of just shy of $1 Million. Currently, the highest price detached listing is over $8 Million and the average detached home sale price for the month of August was just over $1.5 Million– but keep in mind you’re not just buying a home, you’re buying a lifestyle; a lifestyle (in my opinion) that is laid back and a slower pace of life than the rest of South Surrey/White Rock.


Schools: There are many elementary schools (including a couple of French Immersion schools). The closest secondary school in the area is Elgin Park Secondary.

Parks & Rec (pools, golf courses, beaches, trails, community centres): There is no shortage of parks and recreational activities to keep you busy. While at the beach, spend the day playing in the sand and water or rent a paddle board or kayak and head out on the water. In the summer months you can also register in the Crescent Beach Swimming Club, play tennis, or get tickets to see a play through Beach House Theatre. Kwomais Lodge/Sandford Hall (located off 128th street) offers a variety of classes throughout the year that are open to a variety of ages. On sunny days, a great place to take the kiddos is to Fun Fun Park.

IMG_20180910_094023-2IMG_20180910_094226-2IMG_20180910_094619-2IMG_20180910_094905-2IMG_20180910_100401-2 REVIMG_20180910_100548-2IMG_20180910_100603-2

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“Great, but where do I go?”

Probably one of the most common things I hear when discussing the value of someone’s home in today’s market is “that’s great, but where do I go?” My response to this is always “where do you want to go?” If you have lived in your home for the last couple of years then you will have built up some pretty good equity since the market has really taken off. Use this as an opportunity to reinvest your equity and do whatever it is that you want; I will explore some scenarios here with you.

Are you thinking about upsizing? Now is your time. If you are in a townhouse or condo, you can use the equity (and the money you’re currently paying each month in strata fees) towards a bigger mortgage, without really having to increase your payments too much. Let’s throw some numbers around for an example (the following numbers are being used as an example and will vary depending on your unique situation): Say you bought your townhome 3 or 4 years ago for $350,000 and you had $25,000 down. Since purchasing it, you would have also paid down some of the principal on your mortgage (say you’ve paid off another $25,000 in principal). So, you now owe $300,000 on your townhome. Depending on where you live, your townhome could very well sell for $700,000 (maybe even more). So, you have $400,000 in equity. If you also consider the amount you pay towards strata fees that could earn you another $100,000 towards a mortgage. If you take the $400,000 you have in equity, add another $100,000 that you would be paying towards strata, and then take out another $300,000 mortgage (maybe even increase this a bit – has your employment situation changed? Are you earning more now than you were 3 years ago? Are you done making a car payment? – maybe you can afford a slightly bigger mortgage). Now you can move into a single-family home and still pay roughly what you were paying per month to live in a townhome.

Are you thinking about changing locations? Maybe you’ve been thinking about moving to a more expensive area that hasn’t been a reality before because you weren’t able to afford it. Now that you have so much equity in your home, this may be a reality for you now. Maybe you have to downsize a bit to get there or do some minor renovations to the house you buy but you can still re-invest your equity and the same logic I use above can apply. Let’s consider this (numbers will vary depending on your unique situation): Say you bought your home 2 years ago for $700,000. You put $50,000 down and you’ve paid off $35,000. You now owe $615,000. If your house is now worth $1,300,000, you have $685,000 in equity! This is money in your pocket that you can reinvest into a home in your dream neighbourhood while keeping your mortgage payments somewhat the same. Maybe you buy a house for $1,200,000 in your dream neighbourhood that’s a bit of a fixer upper. You take another $100,000 and do some renovations to really make it your dream home and design it to your liking in all aspects. You now have the home of your dreams in your perfect neighbourhood all for the same amount you were paying before*.

The point is, an increase in your equity provides you with an opportunity to reinvest that equity to make a change that maybe wasn’t possible for you before. Yes, the lower mainland is expensive, but if you are already in a home then you certainly will have some equity that you can use to make your next real estate dream a reality.

*Keeping in mind the various costs associated with moving such as Property Transfer Tax, legal fees, real estate fees, etc.

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Holiday Decorating When You’re Trying to Sell

The holidays are right around the corner and Christmas has arrived in every shop. Some of my friends have even started their holiday decorating already. For most people, decorating your home for the holidays is a favourite way to kick off the season and get in the festive spirit. If you are selling your home during the holidays, however, you may want to re-consider how and when you decorate your home.

It’s proven that when a seller spends time preparing their home for sale (e.g., doing touch ups, repairing anything broken, cleaning, organizing, staging) their home will likely sell quicker and for more money. The goal of organizing, cleaning, and staging is to help potential buyers envision themselves living in your home and seeing it as theirs. Unfortunately, holiday décor does not help with this, especially if potential buyers do not celebrate the same holidays and traditions as you. Consider this, do you think it would be more difficult to envision your furniture in someone else’s home when there’s a giant, decorated Christmas tree in the middle of the room compared to if there wasn’t a tree?  I think it might. However, I’m not a total Scrooge and I can certainly appreciate still wanting to enjoy the holidays despite preparing to move, so here I will focus on some tips for doing just that.

Tip #1: Wait to Decorate

Maybe it’s a tradition for you to put your holiday décor up on November 1st. If this is you, consider waiting at least another month to 5 weeks. And for the love of real estate, at least wait until you’ve had professional photos taken of your home and your first open house. This will give potential buyers an opportunity to at least view your home online, through pictures and virtual tours, and at the first open house without the holiday décor.

Tip #2: Keep it Minimal

Consider foregoing the 30-foot inflatable snowman in your front yard this year and try to keep what décor you put out to a minimum. For every 2 pieces you would usually put out, consider putting out just one. For instance, if you typically line your stairs with garland and put a wreath on your front door, just put the wreath out. The goal will still be to show off the best features of your home, so try not to cover those up with holiday décor.

Inflatable Snowman

(Image Source: https://www.homedepot.ca/en/home/p.6-ft-inflatable-shivering-snowman.1001007308.html)

Tip #3: Don’t Decorate Every Room

If you usually decorate every room in your house for the holidays, consider keeping it to just one or two rooms, such as the kitchen or your formal living room. Again, this will help buyers with envisioning themselves living in your home.

Tip #4: Declutter Other Items Even More

For every holiday décor piece that you put out, put one of your regular décor pieces in storage. This will help cut down on the feeling of clutter. It will also help you to be packed and ready to go for when you do sell.

(Image Sources: Photos by Tracey Ayton; images found here: https://www.homedepot.ca/en/home/p.6-ft-inflatable-shivering-snowman.1001007308.html)

Selling your home during the holidays can be a great time to sell as there is likely less inventory for buyers to choose from and those buyers that are out looking are typically quite serious and ready to make a move.

If you’re looking for some great gift ideas, check out my Maison Monday posts (#maisonmonday) on Instragram or Facebook (@fionawhiteatsutton) as I am featuring a holiday gift-giving guide at various price points each Monday leading up to Christmas. I wish you all happy holidays shared with loved ones.

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Another Week, Another Project

Between listing appointments, buyer showings, preschool drop offs and pick-ups, and doctor visits (for one sick baby), I decided I wanted to fancy up my eating nook. I really can’t help myself; I guess my DIY projects are my hobby and my down time.

We bought our kitchen table and chairs (second hand) a couple of years ago for $100. It is an oak, round pedestal table. Already in the two short years that I’ve owned the table, I’ve already given it 2 makeovers; this is now it’s third (eek! Is it time to admit I have a problem?). The first makeover involved a few cans of spray paint. I spray painted the table white and the chairs a soft grey. With two toddlers, thinking I could keep a white table clean looking was probably a bit ambitious. Around the time of realizing that a white table was not the best choice for this family, I was introduced to fusion mineral paint. As you all likely know I love fusion mineral paint and it is so extremely durable. So, the table top (just the top) went from white to Ash Grey (click here for the colour: https://fusionmineralpaint.com/colours/). When I painted the top the ash colour I did not sand off the previous white colour, I simply painted right on top because Fusion Paint is very adhesive. This was about a year ago that I did this and it held up very well. HOWEVER, the dark grey colour was almost just as bad as the white. It shows everything.

After much time spent on Pinterest getting inspired, I decided to embrace the natural wood and stain the table with a grey-based stain to match the open shelving we have in our kitchen.

Sanding the table was a lot of work! I guess there’s a reason why I rarely ever do prep-work and always forego any sanding. The sanding took about 2 weeks and the most difficult part was getting the spray paint out of all the crevices in the table. I even bought a paint stripper to help with this but it did absolutely nothing. In the end, I wasn’t able to get all the paint out of the crevices and decided it added to the rustic look haha.

I put on a couple coats of the stain, allowing it to dry overnight before applying the next coat. On top of the stain, I applied a coat of fast-drying Polyurethane to protect the table and make it easy to wipe down.


I ended up re-spray painting the chairs. What colour you ask? White. Now I know you might be thinking “didn’t you start off with a white table and change it because you couldn’t keep it clean?” Yes, yes I did. I might be losing it at this point but I truly felt that white was the best choice in terms of the look I was going for. The bright side is that the chairs are easy to re-spray whenever they need it. Ultimately, I hope to buy some upholstered chairs eventually and replace these ones.

Edit: I have to thank my friend Bri from A Whimsy Affair for all her advice on what to use for sanding the table and getting the paint off. If you get a chance, check out Bri’s facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/awhimsyaffair/), she is in the Vernon area (works in the Lower Mainland too) and is now offering DIY workshops and hosting sign making parties. She is about to open her own studio in the Vernon area and I know it’s going to be a huge hit! Thanks again Bri. 🙂

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To Be Or Not To Be A Landlord

It’s certainly not uncommon here in the Lower Mainland to have an income suite in your home. In fact, a suite can add value to your home as many people specifically look for homes with a suite that they can rent out in order to help with housing costs. This blog is to help anyone that may be on the fence about taking on the venture of owning a house with a suite that they can rent out.

There are several pros when contemplating whether or not to be a landlord. The main pros fall under the category of MONEY. First, you will get rent payments which you can put towards living costs, housing, other investments, or whatever the heck you please (can you imagine the shoe collection you could start….just kidding….kind of)! Second, you may also qualify for a larger mortgage, if you can demonstrate that your home is income producing. In order to do this, the suite must be legal and registered; homes listed with “nanny” or in “in-law” suites could be a way to disguise that they are not legal and/or registered. These types of suites may not have full rental potential as they may not have a full kitchen, etc. Third, the resale value of your home may be higher (compared to similar homes without suites) as they are very desirable; especially here in the Lower Mainland.

There are also benefits to owning a suite but not renting it out. First, you can use it as a guest suite for out of town guests. Second, it provides a sense of financial security if you ever do need to rent it out. Third, (if bylaws and zoning permitted) you could use it as an office for your business.

While money always talks, there are risks and downsides to being a landlord that should also be considered. One risk is if your suite is not authorized or registered you could be fined (with the amount of the fine varying from place to place). In Surrey, this is a huge news story right now as the city is cracking down on unauthorized suites (read here for more information: https://globalnews.ca/news/3749352/surrey-rental-crackdown/). This can result in your tenants being displaced and also a loss of income, which if you need this to pay your mortgage or other bills can put you in a not-so-great spot.

Another risk is with tenants. Everyone wears a tie to a job interview right? What this means, is that it can sometimes be hard to know who you’re really going to be renting to; their true colours may not appear until after they’ve already moved in. One way to minimize this risk is to ask for multiple references, look into their financial situation (i.e., ask for a letter from their bank to show they’re in good standing), and one of the best tools is to do a background search for their name on the Internet. Oh the Internet – it’s amazing what it can reveal.

While not a risk or a con necessarily, one important consideration is to consider the additional work it will be to be a landlord. As a landlord you are required to do certain repairs and maintenance (see here for more information: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/housing-tenancy/residential-tenancies/during-a-tenancy/repairs-and-maintenance\). In addition, it is work to find a tenant, including placing an ad, showing the suite, interviewing tenants, reviewing references, doing walk throughs, completing paperwork, etc.

If you are considering becoming a landlord or purchasing a home with a suite, certainly do your homework. Research what it is like to be a landlord and know your rights as a landlord and your tenants’ rights.

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The Great Appliance Hunt

It was Thanksgiving here in Canada last weekend and if you didn’t spend it at the Home Depot like the rest of the country then you really aren’t cool. Seriously though, it was busy and we had no choice but to spend our Monday shopping for new appliances. Let me rewind to Sunday to explain myself. Sunday afternoon I was in full on cleaning mode when I decided to do a really deep clean of our gas range. I threw the self-cleaner on for the oven and got to work on the burners with a toothpick and my favourite cleaning products from Norwex (if you haven’t heard about Norwex yet look them up – I don’t sell the product but I buy almost everything they have and love it). After an hour and a half of deep cleaning the top, I turned off the self-cleaner and turned my attention to the oven. Once it cooled down a bit it needed to be wiped down. One of my favourite tricks is to clean with baking soda, vinegar, and water. So I put baking soda all over the glass on the door and then immediately dumped a mixture of water and vinegar on it. CRACK. Immediately the glass cracked from the cool water/vinegar mix because of course it wasn’t anywhere near cold enough. Ugh. Not just any crack but an actual hole in the glass.

Since our appliances are about 14 years old we decided to go ahead and replace both our range and our fridge (we already replaced the dishwasher when we moved in 2 years ago). Since we had the luxury of appliance shopping sans kids, we checked out a number of retailers, including: Trail Appliances, Best Buy, Home Depot, The Bay, Sears, the Brick, Lowes, and Costco (a few of these we just looked at online). From what we found, pricing was pretty equivalent from place-to-place and brand-to-brand; Lowe’s even has a price match + 10% reduction if you find something cheaper than what they carry.

In considering colour/style, I was very interested in the black stainless steel, mainly for the following reason:


See that my friends? Those are little finger and handprints and they are everywhere. Doesn’t matter if I clean my appliances every day, or every hour, or every 5 minutes. They somehow reappear immediately after cleaning. For that reason, I am drawn to the black stainless steel. We checked out a few of the “smudge-proof” stainless options but they still smudged and showed prints. When I asked the sales associate about this he said that it wipes away easily (cue laughter); obviously he doesn’t have a 3-year-old and an 18-month-old. Other colour options that I love are the matte black and white ice but we found there are many more black stainless options, and better yet, they are in our price range.

When it comes to the range, we were looking for a gas cooktop, a large oven, easy to clean (a self-cleaning option), and of course it has to be pretty. When we started looking we noticed many of the gas cooktops have a griddle/flat plate (I’m not 100% sure what to call this exactly) feature which I love, so this was also something we determined we needed.


(Source: bestbuy.ca)

For the fridge/freezer, it is most important to us to have a bottom freezer, french door style. Also, we were looking for a water dispenser/ice maker. For the most part, we are keeping it pretty simple so we don’t break the bank. One feature that we saw that I really just don’t understand is the door-in-door design. Can someone please explain how this is more convenient than just opening the main door? To me this seems like an expensive gimmick.

Door in Door Fridge

(Source: bestbuy.ca)

Speaking about gimmicks, one that I really do like and think is cool, is the built-in-touch screen on the fridge door. I wish this was in our budget but it’s not.

Fridge with touch screen

(Source: bestbuy.ca)

While I wasn’t expecting to have to spend so much money this week, it’s always fun to get to shop and buy new appliances. Here are the ones, we’ve decided to buy:

(Source: bestbuy.ca)

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Room Refresh: Part 2

Guess what I’m never doing again? Building a bed. I always seem to think these things look easier than they are. I told my sister I thought in my head that it would take me an hour. WRONG. While it was exciting to use power tools for the first time since grade 9 wood working class, I also had to do a lot of math and measuring. Nonetheless, a can of worms has been opened, and now that I know I can use power tools, I have many other projects planned in my head (let the fun begin). Before I go on too much further, here are some before pictures of her room (and before you go on too much further, make sure you read last week’s post – Room Refresh: Part 1):

So really the bed didn’t take all that long to make and I did it over a couple of days. The biggest challenge was cutting the 45-degree angles for the roof peaks. I also had to get some help from my husband to hold up the top part while I screwed it all together. Once I was done the build part, I painted it with Fusion Mineral paint using their metallic copper colour. The colour is beautiful. A little unexpected for a little girl’s bedroom but because there is so much soft pink in her room I think it really works. To give the bed a princess touch, I added the sheer pom-pom curtains, which I got at Walmart for $20 (I think the curtains are her favourite part).


If you follow me on Instagram (@fionawhiteatsutton) and watch my insta stories (thank you if you do) then you would have seen that I also used the copper metallic fusion mineral paint to paint the bottom legs of the IKEA table and chair set that we have. This project was easy and did probably take only an hour to do. I just measured 4” from the bottom, taped it off, and painted.


I replaced the pictures I had in frames in the corner of her room with some cute new prints. I created the prints myself and went with a tree theme all in pink and copper colours. I absolutely love how these turned out.


Finally, I also painted the mirror above her dresser to tie it in with the rest of the room. My mum and I also plan to sew some cute throw pillows together for her bed and I’m still on the hunt for a cute area rug for under the IKEA table and chairs.


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