Location, Location, Location – Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 in this blog series Location, Location, Location where I focus on White Rock. If you missed Part 1: Crescent Beach/Ocean Park, click HERE. If you missed Part 2: Grandview, click HERE.

Location: White Rock.  When you think of White Rock you may think of all of South Surrey but White Rock is actually a rather small area in comparison. The area goes from 160th West to 136th and from Marine Drive up to North Bluff/16th Avenue. Continue reading

Location, Location, Location

Welcome to my latest blog series: Location, Location, Location. I’ll be writing a series of posts (as I have time to write them) on various local neighborhoods, what it’s like to live there – what there is to do, cost of living, etc. I’ll be starting this series with a focus on White Rock/South Surrey. The first sub-communities I’ll explore are the quaint areas of Ocean Park & Crescent Beach. Continue reading

Holiday Decorating When You’re Trying to Sell

The holidays are right around the corner and Christmas has arrived in every shop. Some of my friends have even started their holiday decorating already. For most people, decorating your home for the holidays is a favourite way to kick off the season and get in the festive spirit. If you are selling your home during the holidays, however, you may want to re-consider how and when you decorate your home. Continue reading

To Be Or Not To Be A Landlord

It’s certainly not uncommon here in the Lower Mainland to have an income suite in your home. In fact, a suite can add value to your home as many people specifically look for homes with a suite that they can rent out in order to help with housing costs. This blog is to help anyone that may be on the fence about taking on the venture of owning a house with a suite that they can rent out. Continue reading

Room Refresh: Part 2

Guess what I’m never doing again? Building a bed. I always seem to think these things look easier than they are. I told my sister I thought in my head that it would take me an hour. WRONG. While it was exciting to use power tools for the first time since grade 9 wood working class, I also had to do a lot of math and measuring. Nonetheless, a can of worms has been opened, and now that I know I can use power tools, I have many other projects planned in my head (let the fun begin). Before I go on too much further, here are some before pictures of her room (and before you go on too much further, make sure you read last week’s post – Room Refresh: Part 1): Continue reading