“Great, but where do I go?”

Probably one of the most common things I hear when discussing the value of someone’s home in today’s market is “that’s great, but where do I go?” My response to this is always “where do you want to go?” If you have lived in your home for the last couple of years then you will have built up some pretty good equity since the market has really taken off. Use this as an opportunity to reinvest your equity and do whatever it is that you want; I will explore some scenarios here with you. Continue reading

Good Bones: House Hunting Considerations

What makes a house perfect, or close to perfect, truly depends on who lives there. Every family or individual is going to have different needs and requirements for what they look for. It is therefore important when house hunting to look for a place, that at its core, meet these requirements or has the ability to be changed to meet these requirements. The bones of a house are those things that are permanent or can’t easily be changed. Continue reading