“You’re the Inspiration”

How did that Chicago song go again? But seriously, today’s blog is all about my inspiration for home improvement, interior design, art, décor, and DIY. There are some seriously talented people, business owners, artists, and social media accounts out there that inspire me daily. So today I want to spotlight those people that spark my creative side.  I should also put a disclaimer out there that none of the businesses, artists, people, social media accounts, etc. have asked to be mentioned for this blog; I simply just want to share all that inspires me with you. Continue reading

My Favourite, Local Activities for Summer

Every time I go away I appreciate living here just a little bit more. There is so much I love about living in the Lower Mainland…I love the changing seasons, I love our neighbours and our community, and I love all there is to do. In one day, you could truly spend the morning hiking up a local mountain, having lunch and doing some shopping in the city, and finishing off the day with drinks on a patio at a local beach. I am always looking for new and fun activities that I can do with my family or with friends so I thought I would share some of my favourite summertime activities with you and really just brag a bit about this amazing place we get to call home! Continue reading