Room Refresh: Part 2

Guess what I’m never doing again? Building a bed. I always seem to think these things look easier than they are. I told my sister I thought in my head that it would take me an hour. WRONG. While it was exciting to use power tools for the first time since grade 9 wood working class, I also had to do a lot of math and measuring. Nonetheless, a can of worms has been opened, and now that I know I can use power tools, I have many other projects planned in my head (let the fun begin). Before I go on too much further, here are some before pictures of her room (and before you go on too much further, make sure you read last week’s post – Room Refresh: Part 1): Continue reading

Creating a Space for You

The Man Cave. The Woman Cave/She Shed. These dedicated spaces to the men and women of the home are becoming all the rage and ever more popular. These types of spaces are even becoming part of essential search criteria when house hunting, as we yearn for a space in our homes to call our own – a getaway from the kids’ toys, the dishes in the sink, and the piled-up laundry. Continue reading

Why I Expect My Dream Home to be Ugly

Some people might think we live in our dream home right now, and we almost do. I’d say we are now one home away from our dream home. I really do love my home and so much about it. We live on a quiet street, our backyard backs on to a field so we have tons of privacy, we have an amazing back yard, great neighbours, a layout that works for us, and lots of space. However, it’s not my dream home. My ultimate goal is to move just 5 minutes south from here to a beautiful neighbourhood that I have fallen in love with.  I know we won’t be moving anytime soon and I’m okay with that. It will take time to reach this goal, but knowing where we were just 5 short years ago, and where we are now, I know our goal is attainable. Continue reading

How to Renovate Your Kitchen Without the Renovation

Nobody loves a good renovation project more than me but in today’s blog I want to discuss how to go about getting that “renovated” look in your kitchen without actually doing a renovation. A kitchen renovation will earn you the best ROI (return on investment) and it’s commonly said that kitchens are the most important room in a house to help it sell. So, if you’re getting ready to sell, and have limited time and budget, you can still make improvements to your kitchen without doing anything major. Continue reading