A Simple Basement Transformation

Is your basement used to its fullest potential or is it a place where furniture goes to die and storage boxes collect dust? The basement can often be the last to receive design attention, however, with the right touches, it can be an amazing space to enjoy. I have lots of great design tips but I’ve only incorporated a few of these ideas myself into our basement, mainly due to budget. I will say the few ideas I have incorporated have had a huge impact and help it to feel less like a dungeon! Continue reading

Why I Expect My Dream Home to be Ugly

Some people might think we live in our dream home right now, and we almost do. I’d say we are now one home away from our dream home. I really do love my home and so much about it. We live on a quiet street, our backyard backs on to a field so we have tons of privacy, we have an amazing back yard, great neighbours, a layout that works for us, and lots of space. However, it’s not my dream home. My ultimate goal is to move just 5 minutes south from here to a beautiful neighbourhood that I have fallen in love with.  I know we won’t be moving anytime soon and I’m okay with that. It will take time to reach this goal, but knowing where we were just 5 short years ago, and where we are now, I know our goal is attainable. Continue reading

Getting the Most Out of IKEA

One of my favourite furniture/home décor stores to shop at is IKEA. I love the diversity of what they offer and the fact that you can shop at one place for virtually every room in your house. And let’s be honest, 50 cent soft serve ice cream cones at the end of a shopping trip is truly the cherry on top. What I also love doing is taking their generic pieces and tailoring them to my style or re-thinking the purpose. So here I will share with you some of my favourite IKEA hacks. Continue reading